​​​Creating Concrete Ideas


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Stamped Concrete

Bomanite®  is the original cast-in-place, colored, textured and imprinted decorative architectural concrete paving system.  Bomanite is not an overlay system, but a monolithic, reinforced design and color hardened imprinted concrete surface which will provide structural integrity and surface strength to ensure a long lasting, quality paving system.  
Bomanite integrates both personality and product, crafting solutions to bring your concrete hardscape ideas to life…rather than forcing your ideas to conform to a limited product line.  Bomanite architectural stamped concrete paving offers design professionals and homeowners a virtually limitless palette of colors, textures and patterns.  You can choose from many natural textures including slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone and used brick. 

This exciting stamped concrete paving product can be utilized in virtually any paving application, including driveways, patios, pool decks, lobbies, courtyards, street paving, median islands, city sidewalk, amusement parks, restaurant floors, retail store floors, residential interiors and many other interior flooring applications.

When you want the best in architectural concrete paving, turn to Bomanite®.  Progressive Hardscapes will professionally work with you, the client, to create your one of a kind project.  

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