​​​Creating Concrete Ideas

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is described as the use of concrete as not simply a utilitarian medium for construction, but as an aesthetic enhancement to any structure, while still serving its function as an integral part of the building itself.


Actacrete is a structural monolithic concrete finish with dozens of color options.  The hallmark of this finish is its remarkable and consistent “sandy” texture.  This proprietary product has quickly grown in popularity with architects, designers, and landscape architects all over the Valley.  It has a natural appearance that blends seamlessly with our natural Arizona landscape.


Drainscape is a porous concrete pavement, with a “no fines” mix design that provides a 15 – 30% void structure, which will allow average flow rates of 300 to 1100 inches of water per hour to pass through it, thus creating a concrete that drains.   This is far greater than most conceivable rain events and highly effective in controlling storm water drainage.  The flow of water and air through the slab makes it an important element in the growing sustainable construction movement.  


LithoMosaic weaves together the best of art and the best of concrete. The beauty of mosaic and the durability of concrete can now be crafted together to give your masterpiece unrivaled longevity. Invented by artist Robin Brailsford and patented with partners at Lithocrete,  LithoMosaic is a unique structural concrete process that gives you unlimited artistic control along with the speed, flatness and efficiency of concrete.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete reveals the true beauty of concrete.   The durability and skid resistance finish is ideal for most hardscape areas such as sidewalks, driveways, patios and pool decks.   With the multiple types and sizes of aggregates available you have the ability to achieve unlimited color and texture variations.

Bomanite® Stamped Concrete

Bomanite® cast-in-place concrete paving adds a distinctive architectural touch to any project, combined with the durability to stand up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions.  Progressive Hardscapes offers design professionals a virtually limitless palette of colors, textures, and patterns – at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials. 

​Specialty Concrete


Lithocrete utilizes recycled glass, crushed rock, gems, minerals, sea shells, beach pebbles, slate, tile, and other decorative substances which are seeded into the surface of a monolithic reinforced slab. Design possibilities are unlimited.

Sedimentary Walls

Sedimentary walls are a new architectural concrete finish for vertical surfaces that allow for great design flexibility. When designing natural architectural walls, sedimentary walls provide additional interest and aesthetics. Part of the Lithocrete family, sedimentary walls are a patented process that provides high-end design with superior quality.

Progressive Hardscapes prides itself for quality work. The decorative finishes at Progressive Hardscapes are innovative and leading the industry in design and durability:

Template Sandblasting images and patterns in concrete is a true art. Whether its template sandblasting or specialty designs, Progressive Hardscapes works with your design to create a masterpiece.